Sunday, March 4, 2007

fabric, fabric, fabric

Yesterday I managed to fit almost all of my fabric into six 45-quart storage bins. I chose the clear ones that pull out like drawers and are stackable, making two stacks of three drawers. I feel like I really accomplished something, but the issue now is do I purchase three more bins, or do I get rid of some of my material? I don't want them stuffed too full to the point where I have to dig through them to find what I need, or I won't use them as intended, and I still have two other unmatched bins full of fabric, plus one bin full of scraps and remnants. I think I'll do both, get three more bins, *and* give away some fabric. That way I can hopefully organize all my notions and supplies in matching drawers to keep everything looking neat. Mostly all that's left now is to throw a bunch of junk away, or donate it to the thrift store. Problem is I first have to go through it all to find the few things I want to keep... bleh! Once that is done, we are getting new beds!!! The tax refund came Friday.


Anam_Kihaku said...

fabric. falling for fabric currently for my scrapbooking. wish i could buy so much of it - loads anf loads of cool things.

Heather said...

did someone say "give away" and "fabric"? I am so there.