Saturday, March 31, 2007


I think I finally killed my sewing machine. It was limping along, now I can't spool thread onto a bobbin anymore. Like I needed an excuse to buy a new one... I did manage to figure out a bathing suit (top) pattern to fit myself, though! They just don't make them to fit larger than C or maybe D (if you're lucky) cup sizes. I suppose I'll get enough fabric to make three, that way I can experiment around until I figure out the best way of constructing it. I always have problems sewing stretchy fabric.

started feeding the dog this supplement lately. she doesn't really like it, it's in a powder form, but it has already made a difference in her itching and hot spots problem. Only problem is it is made of wheat, and the children and I are highly sensitive to gluten. We just make real good and sure to wash our hands.

The electric company had people cutting down tree limbs from around the power lines (which run behind our house rather than along the street), and our little garden got trampled. Not sure what is gonna make it now, but I will probably get more seeds anyway. Need to put some sort of fence around it, more to keep humans out than the critters. Planning to plant greens all around the perimeter for the bunnies, outside the fence. It always worked for my Gramma.

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