Wednesday, March 28, 2007

him been hit in the head?

Almost all of our transplanted seedlings survived. The sunflowers didn't make it, but we planted more seeds directly outdoors and they should do well as long as I remember to water them occassionally. Neighbor was watching a little girl last week, and she (the little girl) came over to play in our yard while we were outside. I was planting seeds in our garden, and she asked what I was doing. I told her I was planting spinach. "where's the plants?" she asked. I told her they were inside the little seeds, told her how they would grow into plants just like the picture on the seed packet, and gave her some to hold and examine. She thought that was really cool. All three girls (my two and the neighbor's friend) held seeds and handed them to me one at a time while I planted them. I wasn't sure if it were okay for her to get muddy, so I did all the dirty work, much to my children's displeasure. She also had no idea how those little seedlings were watermelons, they didn't look anything like watermelons to her, so I explained how the plants would grow bigger and before long they would make flowers and then fruit would start to develop.

But funniest of all were her comments about DH's motorcycles:
"Who rides that motorcycle?" she asked with very wide eyes.
"The girls' Daddy does" said I.
"why?" even more incredulously.
"because he thinks it's fun" said I.
Before I could answer this, she said in a knowing tone, "Him been hit in the head?"

I wonder what the neighbor woman thinks of us. Have never spoken to her, but I did meet her husband when they first moved in. I can't imagine letting a three-year-old play in the neighbor's yard without adult supervision (yes, this really happened. One morning the little girl was in our yard before we came out to play.), but she has no children of her own and maybe just doesn't have that same level of apprehension that Mommies get. Then again, I can't imagine a child not knowing that food comes from plants or that plants grow from seeds, either.

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