Monday, May 28, 2007

and another reply to another person's blog


thanks for the comment on my blog.

I have to disagree with you, though, vehemently, when it comes to human rights. Yeah, those pesky gay people are human, you know.

All humans are deserving of respect. My father (link1 link2) was married (in Spirit, anyway) to a wonderful man for the last 18 years of his life. That's a heck of a lot longer than most hetero marriages last nowadays, and was definitely a much more stable environment and positive example for myself and my sister than my mother's dysfunctional marriages to abusive men. Gay people don't have to adopt to have children, else I wouldn't be here today to argue with you about it. What makes anyone more deserving of children than someone else? Why do you get to decide? Are you not commanded [sic] to never judge your fellow man? Regardless, they are people, humans just like you, and they have feelings just like you and they deserve respect, just like you.

and as far as Wicca goes, or any other religion... why do you want to shelter your children from other's beliefs? If your faith is the One True Faith, where is the threat? What are you afraid of? That your kids might actually look inside themselves to find their own path? That their path might be different from yours? Isn't that the whole point of homeschooling? To raise children who can think for themselves and make their own decisions rather than always being told what to do, how to act, AND what to believe?

Look inside yourself. If your fears are only based upon threats (they'll go to hell if...) maybe those fears need to be reexamined for what they are, a means of controlling the masses.

Homeschooling, for me, is about not allowing my children to be controlled and abused by anyone, ever. To give them a chance at autonomy. Because without autonomy, none of us are free.


Summer said...

Great response. Some people are afraid of anything different from themselves. And it is human nature to hate what we fear.

stacy said...

Certainly they are afraid. But I don't find it in human nature to ever hate other people. I believe people are inherently good and would not choose to do harm to others if they recognized how that harms themselves in the process. It all boils down to the same point I've been trying to make all along, that we need to look within ourselves for the answers rather than trusting some sort of authority or another to tell us what to do. We all have the ability to know right from wrong. If we trusted ourselves to know what is right, rather than trusting someone else to tell us what is right, would we ever choose what is wrong?