Wednesday, May 16, 2007

*sigh* ...on freedom

why did I start following the news again???

and anywhere you look, you can find more disturbing news stories from mainstream and other sources. most interesting to me, are the comments following the news articles you read online. you know, we don't have to live like this, in fear of our own government and those who control it. we do have the power to change things. we have been lied to and brainwashed to think we are powerless, but we are very very strong, all of us, each of us. all we need is to believe in our strength. Once we believe we can change things, things will change. Fear is your worst enemy! It is in their best interest that we are afraid, same as it is for women giving birth in hospitals, and for children in institutionalized education systems (at home or in school), when we are afraid they have power over us and can control us that much easier. Humans are not meant to be controlled. They have us believing we need them to control us, but that's bullshit! That's the same tactic abusive spouses use on their victims. We don't have to allow them that power over us, because you see, it is only ourselves who can give that power away. We own our actions, all of them, even when we say we are being controlled, manipulated, or abused. It's up to us whether we allow them to control and abuse us. We can be free! We have to believe in our ability to be free! And we have to want to be free!

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