Wednesday, May 16, 2007


we went to the aquarium yesterday to see the penguins

too many school groups there, but we did manage to get back to the penguins in between groups. I don't understand why they'd bring in so many kids that nobody can see or hear anything going on, much less be able to read the information plaques, but they always do (I'm sure it's all about the revenue). Maybe next time we'll have a more relaxed visit. my girls always get upset when surrounded by schoolchildren being herded through places like cattle (sheep?). I do, too. Big sister J almost started crying on several occassions, like when she wanted to go inside the crab tank but the school kids were all pushing their way in rather than taking turns and being respectful of those waiting patiently. Little one isn't the type to allow people to push her around, but even she was affected by the huge crowds of children. We all felt sad for those kids, and are very thankful that we homeschool instead. Anyway, it was a great educational experience for all of us, even if we learned more about people than we did about the animals we were there to see.

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