Friday, May 11, 2007

a knitting tote?

So, I have two days to make Mother's Day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law. MIL is a knitter, and I think I'll make her a tote for her knitting projects. Problem is, I don't knit, and have no idea what size bag would be best for this purpose? Please leave a comment by midday tomorrow (Saturday) if you don't mind, explain to me what is it that you would like in a knitting tote, pockets?, how long should the handles be, etc... Otherwise, I'll just get my kids to make them cards and be done with it. Well, I'm really hoping the girls will do that anyway... or I'll just make her what size seems best in my uneducated opinion.

edit - never mind. I just finished totes for both mom and mil. will post pics later.

edit again - DH borrowed the digital camera and I'm not sure where he left it. The girls actually made the straps for both totes, and helped sew some of the other seams as well. I sat them on my lap (one at a time) and mashed my foot down on the controller thingy foot pedal while they guided the fabric through the machine! Hey, whatever it takes to not be constantly interrupted. Plus, we can call it "homeschooling" as I believe learning a trade or craft to be much more important in the long run than memorizing times tables... Littlest one asked me why she doesn't have her own sewing machine! I think she's been eyeing that little Featherweight, it is just her size. :D

and another edit - I made the inside pocket for MIL's tote big enough for her knitting needles, then just built the tote around the pocket. I guess it's big enough for three balls of yarn plus the project in progress. My mom's tote is huge. She mentioned to me that she'd like me to make her a really big tote, like for groceries, but I'm not sure she meant quite this large. I was a bit taken aback at first, but now I really like it. If I had any interfacing left (or the money to buy more), I'd make myself one like it for picnics, shopping at the produce stand, and things of that nature.

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