Thursday, May 24, 2007

article i want you to read

link If there's anyone left reading my blog anymore, If I haven't scared you all away, please take the time to read this article. I know it's long and our attention spans are short. But if you know me and care about me and want to know what my problem is, here it is, all written out for you. Just read it. Please. (Keep in mind I do not agree with the author on all points - I do beleive that anarchy (a self-governing populace) can work and that people are generally good inside. I believe it is always the abuse and control of people that causes them to abuse and control others. There has to be a way out of that cycle. I got out, why can't everyone else?)

There is a big change happening in the world right NOW! Can't you feel it? Just look around you, open your eyes. It is up to all of us, each of us, to either sit back and let it happen the way the money people want it to happen (or worse), or we can create the change we want. It really is up to us. There are more of us than there are of them. And each single good-hearted person is worth a million of those who wish the power to control us. Shall we allow our fears to manifest into our own worst nightmares? Fear is the fuel and the fire is burning out of control. Eliminate the fuel, the fire will die. Create the world you wish your children to inherit. You do have the power to do it, I believe in you.

You don't believe me, because you are afraid. Fear is their greatest weapon against us. It is fear that prevents us from taking action. We no longer believe we can make a difference, but we can. Find it inside yourself, your heart already knows what you must do. War would be nothing more than a board game for the rich and lazy if the soldiers suddenly all found their consciences and put down their guns and said "I'm not killin' no more people for you" - nobody seems to believe me, but that's what they gotta do, it's the right thing to do, it's the only answer. There's never any excuse for killing. They can blame their commanders for ordering them to pull the trigger, while their commanders' hands remain free of blood, but somewhere, somebody has to realize that it's wrong and simply stop doing it. Easy as that.

Those with the power fear us, they are afraid we want their power. Prove them wrong! I don't want power over them any more than I want them to have power over us! The power game has to stop, the chain that binds us to the cycle of abuse and control has to be broken. And we, each of us, have to break that chain for ourselves. Only then can we ever be free.

We can't just sit back and wait for the Angels to come down from the Heavens and save us, they are already here (not sure but that they have always been here) but very few people are listening to what they have to say!! We have been told they don't exist, that people who hear voices or see ghosts are crazy. We are afraid to hear them or see them because we don't want people thinking we are the crazy ones. So you don't believe, and as far as most of you perceive reality, they no longer exist. I know they exist and are very real. But you don't have to believe me, look inside yourself for your own answers. Your Truth may very well be different than mine, does that make it any less True? I'm not afraid anymore, I don't care if you think I'm crazy because your opinion of me does not define who I am. Only I define who I am, and I like me and I know I am not insane, I believe I am perhaps a bit more rational than most other people, in fact.

*sigh* anyone listening?

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JenJen said...

Hmm, the article was very long-winded and used "wickedness" a lot which turned me off. He could just basically have said that America has allowed its civil liberties to be restricted, that the two party system is now a farce, and that 9/11 has been exploited by Bush to give himself dictatorial powers. And a bit more about how far right both the Republican party and the Democratic party have gone. He lost me about halfway. My eyes got tired!

I do think there are angels, but I can't hear them. I am no good at being quiet!