Tuesday, May 1, 2007

stop thief!

coffeecity(dot)org has stolen posts from this blog, copy and pasted them onto their message forums to make it look like they have people posting there that are not. Sneaky (expletive) don't have contact info anywhere on their website, though I did find in the terms of use policy where they say "...contact us at the usual email address" but that email addy is nowhere to be found. If you or someone you know understands copyrights and how these things work, or can find out who this (expletive) *name deleted* is or how I can contact her, please let me know. I am not, I repeat, AM NOT registered at their forums, and it is not I who has copy and pasted stuff from my blog over there. At least they give my name and link to this blog, but it wasn't I who did it and it makes me feel violated. It wouldn't be so bad were she not pretending to be me. She could copy and paste snippets of my words all she wants, but to register as a user named stacy, giving this blog's url, and then to copy and paste my words over there is just wrong wrong wrong!
Perhaps you have posted something about coffee on your blog at one point or another? Either way, you might want to google your blog's name and/or url and see what turns up. Somehow, I kinda doubt that over 10000 people have actually joined the podunk forums there.


Anam_Kihaku said...

girl - i am chekcing her out for you as she aslo seems to write a lot og IF articles too. email will on its way to you in a litle bit

Anam_Kihaku said...

did you get my second email ?

stacy said...

yes, thank you very much. it seems the website in question is now down. let's hope it stays that way.