Friday, May 11, 2007

things, things, things

why is it that you constantly see products advertised which claim to help you contain/organize/rid the clutter from your home? Do people not realize that the problem with clutter is the accumulation of too many things? Do the advertisers know this, and play on our love of things, trying to sell us more things by making false claims of decluttering our homes? For me, the clutter is all about an overcomplicated life. When I start to realize I don't need all those things, I simplify, my home becomes less cluttered, and I start thinking more clearly. Did I really need three different corkscrews, when wine gives me migraines in the first place so I don't drink it, ever? You should see the stack of storage boxes that are now in the basement! That was my previous attempt at decluttering, and it failed miserably. Why? Because I kept all those things I didn't really need in the first place! Simplify, that is the answer. Get rid of superfluous stuff. Get rid of broken, unwanted, and/or unused things. Get rid of things you hang on to solely out of a sense of obligation to the person who gave it to you or who previously owned it. Get over the attachment to things, and life becomes so much easier in the process, you no longer need those things to feel secure, and you start to feel better about yourself! Suprisingly enough, when you start feeling better about yourself, it's that much easier to get rid of more clutter, and the cycle is perpetuated. How cool is that?

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