Tuesday, May 15, 2007

argument, anyone?

I'm dying for someone to argue with. Doesn't matter what the subject. I need the brain exercise. Seems nobody wants to argue with me, not even when I try baiting them with things I don't really believe and know they disagree. I mean, it's rather boring when people either shut up and not voice their dissenting opinions, get angry and revert to personal attacks rather than logical argument, or worse, just lay down and start agreeing with me without bothering to take the effort to fight for their beliefs and opinions, even a little bit. *sigh* Have we all been beaten down to the point that everyone is afraid to think for themselves anymore? I thought that at least the few people I know and associate with on a regular or semi-regular basis would be an exception to that rule, but seems not to be the case at all. Come on, disagree with me, durnnit! It won't hurt my feelings, and I certainly won't get angry and start calling you names. Really, leave comments on my blog, you don't have to agree with me. I'd rather you didn't anyway. Nothing is more boring to me than someone who agrees with everything I say. Surely there's someone out there, somewhere, who isn't afraid to disagree?

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