Thursday, May 17, 2007


oh never mind, I'm not going to whine about money, really I'm not. Not gonna whine about certain friends who haven't been acting very friendly lately. Not gonna complain about the unending piles of laundry and the sink full of dirty dishes. I'm certainly not gonna bitch and moan about my health, which is better than it was, but still not great. And I've done enough complaining about the government lately to last anyone through to next year.... so what does that leave?

...yeah, my kids. They are great! Have I told you how incredible my children are? Maybe, but I always hold back, afraid that I come across as braggy or competitive about it. My oldest child, who is officially a kindergartener, regularly picks out books and other material of interest to her that are geared towards third grade students, or even higher. She chose, all by herself, to have dreadlocks in her hair, and it suits her personality so well. She's the square peg, but she only laughs at all those round holes! My littlest one has a sense of humor that is just amazing. I've never known another child so into puns and word-play as she is. When she was a baby, big sister used to call her "the laughiest laugher" :) She soothes my soul when I'm feeling troubled. The two of them are so alike in many ways, but polar opposites in how they learn and approach life and the world in general. A day does not go by that I am not amazed at each of them in some way. When I look at my kids, I know the world isn't all bad, there really is hope for the future if people like them will be in it.

I think, today, I will play outdoors. I will stomp around barefoot through my compost pile. I will thin my lovely veggie seedlings (if the rabbits have left any of them behind). I will pull up poison oak/ivy by the roots since DH is highly allergic to it, but I am not. I will start hacking down that horrid forsythia that only looks pretty for two or three weeks out of every year. I will try to decide where to plant the extra daylilies that need to be thinned in the worst way. maybe I'll even start digging up some of those perennials that have totally overgrown my front flower beds (I know it's the wrong time of year, but it needs to be done. anyone closeby is more than welcome to come help in exchange for free plants!). I'll stop and smell the roses. That's what I'll do. Then I'll feel much better, heart and soul.

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