Wednesday, May 2, 2007

war on clutter: progress report

So I've been keeping up the pace, picking up somewhat regularly and getting rid of superfluous stuff in our home. With one exception. Toys. (okay, really two exceptions, but I'm not counting dirty dishes right now.) The "toy room" is beyond my control. I got it perfectly clean and organized two days before our Valentine party, and it was a total train wreck by the time our guests arrived. I gave up. It's their stuff, their mess, the kids can deal with it themselves. Last night, little one was trying to find a particular special toy, without much luck. I told her I'd help her look for it, but we needed to start putting some things away to make our search easier. She looked at the mountain of toys and dress up clothes on the floor and said to me, "me wish my house was clean like K and E's house am." So I said to her, "it can be, but I need your help." Much to my suprise, both girls did actually help pick up toys in the toyroom. They even helped fill two large boxes with things (one toys, the other clothes and dress-ups) to give away! I'm so proud of them, of myself! I know it is my progress in decluttering that has inspired them to do the same. It's just more fun to play in a picked up room.

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Get that kids eyes checked 'cause I cleaned their room Saturday and can't see the floor again...