Wednesday, May 9, 2007

another sewing machine

What a beauty! She was the first sewing machine I ever bought. I paid $40 for her in the 90's at my friend's mother's estate sale. And then put her in a closet and never thought about it again...until yesterday. I took her out, cleaned her up and oiled her really well, then cleaned her some more. The insides of this machine were gunked up with old lint and cat hair and who knows what else, at least a couple decades' worth. Kids were complaining that I spent all day long working on it, but I got her up and running again.

She is a Singer Featherweight from 1939 (according to Singer, based upon her serial number). Only sews a straight stitch, but supposedly does that really well (I have yet to test it out on some fabric). She's old, and really shows her age. The original decals are all but gone from the front side, and there's a small crack near the handwheel where the bobbin winder is attached. But she runs! I thought my Kenmore was quiet, but this machine, practically all you hear is the sound of the needle moving up and down (and with some more oil, I might be able to get rid of that sound too). I think she will make a great machine for my girls to learn to sew on. My littlest one is fascinated with sewing machines, watches my every move, and seems to be soaking it all up.


Anam_Kihaku said...

beautiful. just so elegant.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful Stacy! Glad you remembered her. Now you and your daughters can make more great memories sewing together.
~Jillian from North Dakota

Heather said...

Oh!!!! You lucky you!!!!

Jen-Jen said...

I'm glad it's getting use. It's really pretty, I just didn't have room for it. And have no sewing skills to speak of, LOL.
I think you only paid $25 for that machine. I can't imagine I would have charged $40. Either way, I'm glad you got it going again. I know my mom used it a lot.