Tuesday, May 1, 2007

unpublished posts I've written

I have written many times things that I just had to get the words out, but couldn't share with others, and I feel more just burstin' out of me. I feel sad for things that are happening in certain other people's lives, but as for myself I'm in a strange euphoric state, happier than I've ever been before. It just doesn't seem fair. I wish everyone could open their hearts to the joy I am feeling. I wish everyone could look within themselves to find all the answers to their problems. The two go hand in hand, you know. Once you learn introspection and trust in your own intuition, you become aware of things... things that are impossible to describe. I could attempt to describe them, but in making that attempt, I would be wrong. We simply do not have adequate words to describe things not of this world. It's something you gotta find for yourself, within yourself. There are things no book or expert authority can teach you. Yes, I do believe in Spirit, angels, elohim, gods, whatever you wish to call it. It's very very real. It's more real to me than this desk I'm sitting in front of, even though I can't see it or touch it. Socrates called it daimonion, his inner voice that whispered the answers to questions of right and wrong. You have it inside yourself, too. Everyone does. We all just need to trust ourselves enough to listen to what it has to say. shhhhh...

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