Tuesday, May 29, 2007

another reply somewhere else

from a message at the forums here ...except this is my blog and I can edit my posts and add more detail and such... :D (no, I have not broken my promise to not visit forums anymore. I did not register there. I followed a link there from an article somewhere else, and just couldn't be quiet on this subject. You know me.)

Do you not recognize the ridiculousness of a collective gathering of anarchists, or any organized "movement"? Just do your own thing. People are starting to wake up, lots and lots of them, to the abuses we have suffered at the hands of authorities. Talk about those subjects that make people uncomfortable, that make them afraid. Because it is our own FEAR that makes us allow the authorities to control us. Yes, we allow them to control us, it's up to us to be free, or not. Think about it. Write about it (I blog because nobody really wants to hear all I have to say on this subject), and talk about it at every chance. It's amazing the vast numbers of people who agree but are simply too afraid of the Thought Police (here in America, fer cryin' out loud!) to say anything about it. Look inside yourself for the answers to what you need to do. Isn't that the root of what anarchy is all about? Autonomy? Freedom? So live it. Believe in yourself. Trust your instincts. Follow your heart. It will not steer you wrong. And when your friends and family see how much happier you are when you trust yourself, they will start trusting in themselves as well and it will spread like a plague through the Earth and we will be free!!! The big change is already happening, the time is NOW. Do you want those in power to choose your future? Create the world you wish your children to inherit. Because if you don't, someone else will.

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