Thursday, May 10, 2007

nobody told me

that the needle inserts backwards on those old Singer Featherweight machines. Also, since the needle goes in backwards, you thread it backwards as well. (well, backwards from any other machine I've ever used anyway.) So I got that straightened out, finally. I never could disassemble the bobbin shuttle, but I did manage to get the thread and gunk cleaned out of it regardless. The top thread tension adjuster knob still seems a bit sticky, but I didn't have any waxed dental floss to clean it with. I removed all the old thread (four different colors!) from the one bobbin I have that fits that particular machine, spooled some new thread on it, and gave her a test drive. And was rewarded with the most beautiful, perfectly straight, even stitches. Absolutely amazing! Seems even more amazing when you consider this sewing machine is 70 years old, and saw lots and lots of regular use in her time. I can see myself using it for any topstitching I might have to do, or any other time the stitches would show. And she's such a small machine, it won't be any trouble to drag her out and set her up whenever and wherever I need to.

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