Tuesday, May 8, 2007

life on hold

durn menses *%&#$! I ate way too much sugar last month and was not diligent in taking my magnesium supplements, so am having a pretty rough time of it.

So why is it that my husband can walk into any doctor's office complaining of smoker's cough and get stronger narcotics in his cough syrup than I can get for chronic, debilitating, life-on-hold, make-you-wanna-cry pain? (My pain is intestinal, and as such, inoperable. Surgery to remove the adhesions that are gluing my insides together would only cause more adhesions to form. The endometriosis was completely excised again just a couple years ago.) If I ask for anything, I'm treated like some sort of junkie, even though I have a definite diagnosis and the surgical videos to prove it. My gyn doc doesn't treat me that way, but I practically have to beg him for a prescription, and he won't give me any refills without going back to see him in his office and paying another copay each time. No thank you, I'll just lay here on my sofa with my OTC motrin and my rice pillow several days of each month instead, while my kids wreck the house and keep asking me why I won't play with them, and complain of hunger pains because snacky foods only keep you full for so long before you start wanting something hot and satisfying to eat, and the dirty dishes and laundry just pile up higher and higher... *sigh*


Anam_Kihaku said...

**huge hugs** wish i could help.

Jen-Jen said...

(((hugs))). I haven't been reading this regularly. I hope you are feeling better now.